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Labour's motion on removing the pay cap for the lowest paid council worker's defeated by Tories and turncoat kippers

  The Labour Party in Great Yarmouth tonight submitted a motion calling on the council to support raising the pay cap on the lowest paid council workers in our borough, these are workers who are part of the National Joint Council (the national negotiating body for local authority workers supported by Unite, GMB and Unison) whose basic pay has fallen by 21% since 2010, suffered a 3 year pay freeze and whose local terms and conditions have also been cut. Continue reading

Norfolk County Council to consult on further cuts

A further £125m of cuts coming to Norfolk County Council over the next four years Norfolk County Council has to slash £125m over the next four years as Tory cuts start to bite, a string of proposals aimed at reducing services has been made. Continue reading

Universal Credit

Universal Credit is broken! Universal Credit has been in the news a lot again recently, a combination of several in-work benefits the six-week delay in claimants receiving a payment has been responsible for people being driven into debt and destitution. Rent arrears in the borough have sky-rocketed and the town’s food banks are overstretched. Continue reading

Orgreave: Truth & Justice Campaign Meeting

Great Yarmouth Labour Party and the Great Yarmouth Trades Council were very pleased to host John Booth from the Orgreave Truth and Justice Campaign Continue reading

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning: Education is at a crossroads. With changes to the qualification framework and expectations of both institutions and learners, it is essential that the right path is followed. Continue reading

Government has failed working people

Fall in earnings shows this Government has fundamentally failed working people - Debbie Abrahams   Continue reading

CUTS: Councils finding it Impossible to provide the support families need

Tory cuts to children’s services are making it impossible for councils to provide the support children and families need - Tracy Brabin   Continue reading

Norfolk Labour Statement on Policing Cuts

Norfolk County Council Labour Group Statement on Policing Cuts Continue reading

Cuts to Police Funding and PCSO's in Norfolk

CUTS: Norfolk Constabulary to axe Police Community Support Officers (PCSO's)   Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn MP and John McDonnell MP visit Great Yarmouth

Jeremy Corbyn MP and John McDonnell MP visit Great Yarmouth  Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn MP and Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell MP visited Great Yarmouth on 23rd October 2017 to speak with young members and students at a specially arranged question time event at Christchurch Church. During the hour-long question and answer event, over 200 local students, members and young people were able to pose their questions about Labour policies and what a Labour government would mean for Britain.     Continue reading