Great Yarmouth Labour Party responds to call for Snap General Election


Great Yarmouth Constituency Labour Party looks forward to contesting the election on June 8th and seeing Great Yarmouth return a Labour MP, the government has been a disaster for the people of Great Yarmouth;

Our NHS is underfunded, Mental Health and Social Care are underfunded, Universal Credit has heavily impacted both working families and local landlords and after 7 years of austerity the Tories management of our economy has failed miserably to reduce the deficit sufficiently while more than doubling our national debt.

Cllr. Trevor Wainwright, Great Yarmouth Borough Council Labour Group Leader, said:

“Great Yarmouth desperately needs a Labour Government and a Labour MP, to build a fairer society for all residents. The austerity measures put in place over the last 7 years by this Conservative Government have quite clearly failed the majority of people In Great Yarmouth. Our Public Services, including Education and the NHS are being slowly destroyed in favour of the private sector.On June 8th we now have the opportunity to reverse this, and once again build a country in which we can all feel proud.”

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