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  • answered 2017-11-29 10:47:02 +0000
    Q: Please let us have your comments on the proposed Tory cuts to Children's Centres and Library Services
    A: Why do we have cuts when you increase what we are paying ? I don’t mind the increase so long as there are no cuts to services. Please justify the increase in light of the cuts making.

    Norfolk County Council Consultation

    The invisible consultation

    Apart from one Twitter post there was no public announcement of the consultation on Tory Norfolk's huge budget cuts and 4.9% council tax increase proposals. If you can find the consultation buried on Norfolk County Council website, information is scant. The way it is set out is designed to discourage responses.

    Labour opposes austerity that causes the cuts. Whatever the causes, Labour believes in your right to have a say - not have the wool pulled over your eyes as Tory Norfolk are doing.

    Here's a simple, plain English guide with web links to the council version. 

    Consultation closes on January 2nd 2018

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