Labour voices concerns over cuts to Great Yarmouth

Labour’s General Election Candidate Lara Norris has voiced concerns highlighted in a recent report by Sheffield Hallam University.

The report commissioned by Great Yarmouth Borough Council to explore the impact of benefit changes, shows the true extent of Government cuts to the Borough, totalling a loss to the local economy of £36m during 2014-2015.


Lara and Rachel Reeves MP, Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions pictured with a food bank collection

Labour’s General Election Candidate, Lara Norris commenting on the report, said:

“This research backs what people are telling me every day in Great Yarmouth. Whilst this Tory Government are cutting taxes for millionaires, you and me are £1,600 a year worse off and that’s more than I paid for my car!

At Christmas I took a team of Labour Party members, and spent time collecting food to help meet the 25% increase in referrals the Salvation Army has had to cope with. All this while the Government has rejected almost £20m in aid bound for those same local food banks.”

The report also highlights the £82,782 increase in rent arrears because people simply can’t afford their homes with changes to Council Tax Benefit and Housing Benefit, including the near 800 homes affected by the Government’s ‘Bedroom Tax.’ 

Lara added:

“We need to start by scrapping the Bedroom Tax, sort out crippling energy bills, and most importantly to help people to get decent jobs and homes. It’s not rocket science, it’s just putting people first. You can have a fairer society that works for everyone and I truly believe that will only happen with a Labour Government.”

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