Great Yarmouth is served by two Councils: Great Yarmouth Borough Council and Norfolk County Council.  The Councils run different services.

Great Yarmouth Borough Council

  • rubbish collection
  • recycling
  • Council Tax collections
  • housing
  • planning applications

Great Yarmouth Borough Councillors

Carol Borg (Claydon)

Marlene Fairhead (St Andrews)

Lea Davis (Central & Northgate)

Michael Jeal (Nelson)

Sylvia Pratt (Magdalen)

Kerry Robinson-Payne (Nelson)

Trevor Wainwright (Magdalen)

Brian Walker (Magdalen)

Paula Waters-Bunn (Southtown & Cobholm)

Bernard Williamson (Claydon)

Babs Wright (St Andrews)

Norfolk County Council

  • education
  • transport
  • planning
  • fire and public safety
  • social care
  • libraries & museums
  • waste management
  • trading standards

Norfolk County Councillors

Colleen Walker (Magdalen)

Mike Smith-Clare (Yarmouth Southtown and Nelson)