Foodbank Collection Drive

We would like to thank everyone who generously collected and donated food to our Summer food drive, it was a tremendous success and we were able to fill a van with all the tins and packets that members and local residents donated.

As has been noted recently in the newspaper, the Great Yarmouth Foodbank has been under extraordinary demand following the roll-out of Universal Credit and with more people coming to the ends of their seasonal contracts it means more people looking for work and having to support their families for many weeks after their last pay packet arrives. Labour councillors have been making regular donations to the Great Yarmouth food banks but we need your help! Please help by donating unwanted food items or help organise a collection drive in your road or neighbourhood.

List of items needed:
For General use: tea, coffee, long life milk, sugar, sachets of coffee/hot chocolate/milk/sugar and powdered milk.
Cup a soups or pot noodles. biscuit, crisps, individual cake bars, individual cold drinks (eg bottles/cartons).

Desserts: tins of fruit, custard, rice puddings etc, and swiss rolls etc.

Tinned items: tins of tuna/fish/sardines; tins of corned beef/ meats/ spam, tinned peas/carrots/potatoes.

Other items: pasta type dishes eg pasta and sauce (packets), packets of savoury rice, jars of paste/sandwich filling, jars of pasta sauce, jars of jam and marmalade.

Tinned Ready Meals: tins of beans and sausages, spaghetti bolognese, all day breakfast, meatballs, Irish stew etc, tins of baked beans.

Cereals: Weetabix, individual variety pack sachets, individual porridge sachets.

Other consumables: washing powder and conditioner; shampoo and conditioner; hair gel; soap; shower gel; deodorant; toothbrushes; toothpaste; flannel and sponge; razors; shaving foam; aftershave products; sanitary products.


Will you come?