Cuts to Police Funding and PCSO's in Norfolk

CUTS: Norfolk Constabulary to axe Police Community Support Officers (PCSO's)



Police funding has been cut, Norfolk, in particular, has experienced £30 million pounds worth of cuts since 2010.  It now needs to save a further £10 million and is proposing to make vital PCSOs redundant and to close rural police stations. This will see massive job losses, impact on our safety and hit community engagement as well as the knock-on impact on our economy. 

Steve Morphew, Leader of the Labour Group at Norfolk County Council says:

"This will come back to bite us. Yes to more warranted officers but a firm no to losing PCSO's who do a great job and give people peace of mind. Closing rural police stations sends a message to rural communities that they don't matter. Peace of mind matters wherever you live."


All 150 PCSO's will be axed as well as seven police stations and public enquiry desks under proposals made by Simon Bailey, Chief Constable.

UNISON general secretary Dave Prentis has written to the Home Secretary Amber Rudd, urging her to intervene to stop the scrapping of police community support officers in Norfolk.

In the letter he said: “This is an extremely short-sighted move by the Norfolk constabulary.

“Police community support officers play a vital role maintaining police and community relations. They also tackle low-level crime and anti-social behaviour, which would otherwise fall to hard-pressed police officers to deal with.

“Ruthless budget cuts are forcing police forces to make unsavoury choices, which damage public confidence and coerce already over-burdened police staff into taking on yet more responsibilities.

“I urge you to intervene in the matter and call for a rethink in the approach to police budgets – the protection of the public is in everyone’s interest.”